The Importance of Socializing for Older Adults

The physical distancing associated with COVID-19 Is having a negative effect on the mental and physical health of older adults across the province of SK.

The stress caused by the pandemic and the physical distancing—for an unknown length of time—makes mental health a priority response to this pandemic. Researchers have suggested that psychosocial supports “should be integrated into general pandemic healthcare”.

We are harnessing a variety of options to provide social support networks and to foster a sense of belonging for older adults in Saskatchewan.

Eldery woman

Virtual social connection interventions are strongly rooted in science and have been shown to improve mental and physical health for older adults. We are piloting virtual coffee row, using the option of telephone or internet communication to foster a sense of social inclusion and mitigate the isolating impact of COVID-19 on older adults’ mental health.

 Interested in Coffee Row?

  • Join our weekly chats by phone or internet.
  • We will generate hubs for persons with common interests, meet regularly, and get to know each other virtually.
  • What will it look like? You get to dictate this and each hub will likely look different, but we will start with a set format: A shared activity followed by discussion and getting to know each other.
Woman talking on the phone
Elderly woman watching phone